Creating a Travel Path for Deer

On your habitat, you must have a Sanctuary (a Place where deer can bed quietly). See hinge cutting section. Once the sanctuary has been established, visit the area only 1-2 a year, just to look for beds and perhaps hinge cut a few more trees. Remember this is their sanctuary not yours!

Once this has been established, try and locate a place for a trail to your food plots, this trail should be somewhat winding through thick brush or along a swampy areas so that the deer feel protected. The trail should be about 3-4 wide, don’t worry about too much about debris in the trail, cut the saplings or the brush to the ground. Once the trail is made go back to the sanctuary and start down your trail to the food plot and pull saplings down from either side of the trail, tieing them together making an arch about 5-6 feet tall, pull as many together down this trail as possible. Again, this will make the deer feel safer at the same time you can setup an ambush stand downwind from the prevailing winds at least 25-35 yards away. Try and get as high as possible in the tree keeping safety in mind!


  1. Jaden Ambrosia

    Won’t the deer try to make their own trails, since the manmade ones would smell like human?

  2. The deer in the above picture walked past my chain saw and mixed gas jug to have her picture taken here. The human scent will only stay a few days and the rain will wash your scent away. The deer will take the path of least resistance if they feel they are safe. They will use your trails. Proof above. Thank you for your question.

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