Wildlife such as the Whitetail Deer, Turkey, Rabbits and upland birds have many predators to contend with here in New Hampshire. Here is a list:

  1. Hunters
  2. Gray Wolves-Northern New Hampshire
  3. Coyotes-NH Fish and Game has reported that a single Coyote can kill as many as 40 deer per year.
  4. Bobcat
  5. Lynx
  6. Fishers
  7. Racoons
  8. Fox-both red and gray
  9. Cougars-I know, Fish and Game suggests there is no proof they are in our state, however, there has been many sightings! I was one of the lucky ones that witnessed a cougar late 2012 while archery hunting in zone I2. I almost had it on my camcorder, next time I hope I will have the time to record this animal.

I will post which predators are dangerous to each of its prey soon.

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