What to Plant in NH

Here in New Hampshire there are many choices on What to Plant for your wildlife habitat.

  • A blend of clovers (white clover is a favorite)
  • Chicory
  • Brassicas
  • Winter Rye
  • Rape

For small plots, Blue Seal has a Wildlife Forage blend. It includes White Clover, Rape, Chicory and a few more tasty treats for Whitetail Deer, Turkey, Partridge, Rabbits etc. This picture is from early June, (6 weeks ago) and now it’s July 24th and its growth has exploded! The plot is knee deep today and I just mowed it down to 4 inches 2 weeks ago.

This year I am trying products from Whitetail Institute, which seem to be doing very well for my rocky clay mix here in the center of the state. The wildlife is eating it to the ground. I will be uploading pictures soon. Whitetail Institute has a variety of seeds designed to grow in many types of soils; mostly perennials, but they do have an annual mix that can grow almost anywhere. I’m mixing the annuals with the perennials, and have used the mix for a few of my small plots and my logging roads. This picture was taken a month ago, and I have since mowed it down to 4 inches, but today (July 24th), it’s about 12 inches long. There are a lot of deer and turkey tracks throughout my food plots.

My current plans include sowing Eagle Soy Beans in all of my very small plots along with a 1/3 acre plot. These seeds are very resilient and come with an inoculant that needs to be mixed into the seeds just before spreading. Unfortunately, the chipmunks love the new growth; however the seeds grow faster than they can eat it. Can’t wait to see what my larger field will look like. I will include updated pictures once it is planted at the end of July. Here is a picture of a very small 30’x50′ remote plot in the woods, up on a hill.

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  1. Jaden Ambrosia

    Do you have to choose a spot by the river or something so the seeds don’t dry out? You don’t water them, do you? I like this idea, so I hope it’s simple enough.

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