Where to Put Your Stands

Here are the things that you need to find to choose a good stand.

The first is food. Whether in your area this is corn, wheat, or acorns, this is the key to finding deer. While bucks will be all over the place in the rut, they will be after does. Find the does and the buck (should) follow. Next find sources of water. While not super important in most areas a convenient place to drink near a food source should be considered. Finally you need to find well used trails in and out of the food source. It is best if you know where the bedding areas are, but if not the trails will point you in the right direction. As the bucks will usually be shy about walking into the open, choose a stand location along the trails safely into the woods or brush from the food source. The farther away from the trail that you can stay and still see well the better for your stand. Bow hunters need to be close, gun hunters do not. Place your stand in a location where terrain and foliage naturally break up your outline. If possible have stand locations on both sides of the trail so that you can choose your stand based upon the wind direction.

If you have zero scouting opportunities here is a tip for you. Follow a stream no matter how small until it forks into two hollows. Make your stand there in an out of the way location and wait. The natural funnel area should bring by sooner or later.

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